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GOVT.ORDERS & CIRCULARS 2013 to 2015 Click here                                               

    DATE                                     DETAILS                                     

16.07.2016Transfer and Postings - Note ( DPI)
14.07.2016Noon Meal Cooks Wages Hiked with retrospective effect
14.07.2016Hardware Clinic to Schools of Trivandrum,Ernakulam & Kozhikkode
14.07.2016Deduction of LIC premia of employees of Aided Institutions through SPARK - Approved - Orders issued 
14.07.2016DPI Circular on Question Paper indent for First Term Exam
12.07.2016Lumpsum Grant Rates Enhanced by 25% - CIRCULAR
12.07.2016Incentive to Girls Scholarship 2016-17 : Circular | Instruction | ONLINE SITE
11.07.2016Instructions for Conducting Medical Camps for IEDS Students
11.07.2016Confirmation of attendance on Republic & Independance days
11.07.2016Social offence against Children
07.07.2016RMSA -Application inviting for Assistant Project Officer on deputation basis
07.07.2016Pay Revision 2014- Footwear Allowance to Part Time Contingent Employees- Sanctioned-Orders issued.
07.07.2016Last Grade Service (Amendment) Rules, 2016 - G.O.(P) No. 12-2016-P&ARD. 04/06/2016
07.07.2016Partial modification of Transfer ,Promotion and Posting of Junior Superintendents/Noon Meal officers
07.07.2016One Office one DDO-Drawal of last pay of gazetted officers and claiming arrears of retired gazetted officers without pre-check
07.07.2016ORC(Our Responsibility to Child) Calendar 2016-17
07.07.2016Circular on Strengthening Internal Audit Section and PTA Guidelines
07.07.2016Uploading vacancy report -HM/AEOs reg
07.07.2016Permission for Processing PF Claims of Employees Retired on or before 31.05.2016 Mannually-Sanctions Ordered
05.07.2016Declaration of Holiday to schools on 07/07/2016
05.07.2016Application invited for the post of Resource Teachers on contract basis -IEDSS -2016 -17 1.Press release 2.Guidelines 3.Application Form
05.07.2016Transfer ,Promotion and Postings of Junior Superintendents/Noon meal officers and Head Clerks
02.07.2016Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of Personal Assistant to DEOs
02.07.2016Transfer,Promotion and Posting of ADPI/JD/JC/DDE/DEO - Charge arrangement
02.07.2016Transfer and Postings of officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendents
02.07.2016Ratio Promotion on Rs 20740 - 36140 (Pre revised) to the officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendent and equated categories
30.06.20166th Working Day Online Data Entry Extended upto July 7
30.06.2016Transfer,Promotion and Posting of ADPI,JD/JC,DDE and DEO
30.06.2016Promotion,Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of Senior AA/AA/AO/APFO/AO(SSA) in general edn. department
28.06.2016Pay revision 2014 - Crediting of salary arrears to Government Account - New head of account opened - Instructions Issued
28.06.2016Centrewise Abstract List for Revaluation/Scruitiny/Photocopy 
25.06.2016SSA Invites Application for BRC Trainers& Cluster Coordinators : CIRCULAR & APPLICATION FORM
25.06.2016Preparation of seniority list of Tamil Knowing HSA's also are eligible for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO for the year 16 -17
25.06.2016Transfer and posting of lecturers in DIET
25.06.2016Preparation of seniority list of Tamil Knowing HSA's also are eligible for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO for the year 16 -17
25.06.2016Preparation of seniority list of Kannada Knowing HSA's also are eligible for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO for the year 16 -17
24.06.2016INSPIRE AWARD 2015-16 Sanction OrderList
24.06.2016ExpEyes: two days workshop for Physics Teachers
22.06.2016OEC Premetric Scholarship 2016-17 : Circular / Online Link / Application Form
22.06.2016GAIN PF Latest Instructions from DPI
22.06.2016Promotion and Postings of HSA's in the cadre of Heads of Panchayath High Schools 2016
22.06.2016Higher Secondary Education-plus one admission- 2016-17 - No of seats enhanced
22.06.2016IDMI Grant 2016 -17 - 1. Notification  2. Application form
22.06.2016Enhancement of Honorarium to preprimary Teachers and Ayahs of Preprimary classes conducted
20.06.2016Staff Fixation 2015 -16 -Inform vacancies to PSC
20.06.2016Muthoot Excellence Award
17.06.2016Vayanavaram - Proposed Activities from 20 June to 27June
17.06.2016General transfer & posting of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEOs/TTIs and equated categories
17.06.2016Corrections in SSLC Certificate - Instructions
17.06.2016RTE Implementation Committee -  reconstituted
16.06.2016General Education Department- teachers appointed for the year 2015-16-K-TET examination-relaxation till 2018-sanctioned
16.06.2016Text Book - Instruction to School HM and SITS
16.06.2016Kerala Service Rules - 10th Pay Revision - Promotion from the post of Junior Superintendent (HG)/equated categories to the post of Senior Superintendent/equated categories - Fixation of Pay - Option granted - Orders issued 
16.06.2016PTA AWARD 2015 -16 - Instructions
16.06.2016Tranfer and Posting of Heads of Panchayath High Schools 2016-17
15.06.2016School Building Safety
15.06.2016Joseph Mundassery Award 2016-17 : Instructions
13.06.2016Kerala Teachers Award 2016-2017 - Instructions
13.06.2016Transfer and Posting of Officers- HM
13.06.2016International yoga day celebration
10.06.2016Cleanliness Drive:- Pledge on June 13 & Instructions
10.06.2016DPI Circular on Revenue to Sub-District Sport Secretaries
10.06.2016Fund Collection- Instructions for Collecting Funds from Class 9 & 10
09.06.2016IFMS -Online submission of bills - Mandatory Digital Signature certificates to all Drawing and Disbursing Officers - Approved - Orders issued 
08.06.2016Social Justice Department- Implementation of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act
07.06.2016Text Book Indenting -Volume II Text Books
07.06.2016Sixth Working Day on Muslim Schools
07.06.2016Sixth Working Day -Clarification on SEBC Community
06.06.2016Sixth Working Day 2016-2017
03.06.2016Staff Fixation 2016-2017
03.06.2016List of  Localities having a proven educational need as revealed under School Mapping
03.06.2016Admission of Students without Insisting TC
03.06.2016World Environment Day:- 1.Education Minister's Message   2.Circular 3.Pledge 4. Action Plan
03.06.2016Balavakasa Commission Instruction for Escorting Teachers for Sports Participants
02.06.2016General Transfer for HM/AEO
01.06.2016Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department - Re-appointment under Rule 8 of Part II KS and SSRs, 1958- Clarification - reg. - No.6419-R1-2016-P&ARD. 18/05/2016 .
01.06.2016House Building Advance - Extension of date for the submission of Application for 2016-17 -for House Building Advance to State Government Employees and Teachers - Modified orders issued 
01.06.2016IFMS - Online submission of bills - Mandatory Digital Signature certificates to all Drawing and Disbursing Officers - Approved - Orders issued 
31.05.2016General transfer & posting of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEOs/TTIs and equated categories
31.05.2016Pay Revision 2014 - Rules for fixation of pay on promotion - Modified orders issued
31.05.2016Retirement on Superannuation of the Gazetted Officers
31.05.2016Retirement on Superannuation of the Gazetted Ministerial Officer
30.05.2016School Noon Meal Scheme Project 2016 -17
30.05.2016NFTW- Cash Award to the children of Teaches studying in Govt/Aided Schools who scored A+ in all subjects in SSLC/+2
27.05.2016Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendent on Rs 35700-75600
27.05.2016Revised provisional list of HM,AEO transfer 2016-17
26.05.2016GAIN PF for Aided Schools: Help File(By Sri. Prakash Manikandan) : Quick Reference Guide(Courtesy DEO Kothanagalam)
26.05.2016Vidyarangam Kalasahithyavedi - Circular for 2016-17
26.05.2016School Health Program - Directions
25.05.2016Final seniority list of HSA for the period from 1.1.2001 to 31.12.2006 1. Order   2. Seniority list
25.05.2016Promotion of Clerks as Senior Clerks -Orders issued
21.05.2016SPARK FAQ's 
21.05.2016GAIN PF USER MANUALS Instruction for applying Online loans / Pre-request for Online Loans / PF Number Seeding  / Procedure for Preparing GAINPF Bills in SPARK
21.05.2016Pay Revision 2014- Payment of arrears-Detailed instructions/guidelines issued
19.05.2016House Building Advance to State Govt Employees & Teachers - Online registration of applications by Heads of Departments & sanctioning Authorities 2016-17 - Instructions
19.05.2016Clerical Post Assessment -Order Issued
18.05.2016ICT Training for Teachers 2016 -17
18.05.2016Pareekshabhavan - Transfer of Employees
17.05.2016Revision of Dearness Allowance/Relief - Orders issued -GO(P)No.61/2016/Fin Dated 05/05 /2016.
17.05.2016Dearness Relief on pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes and those drawing Dearness relief at Cenrtal Rates w.e f 01/01/2016
17.05.2016Certificate verification for by transfer promotion of HSA to HSST (Jr) Malayalam
13.05.2016Treasuries - Integration of Union Bank of India with e-treasury portal - Sanctioned - Orders issued 
07.05.2016Dearness Allowance Arrears - Crediting to Provident Fund Accounts - Time Limit Extended - Orders issued
07.05.2016DPC Lower 2016 -Details of CR defective
04.05.2016Uneconomic Schools -Guidelines
04.05.2016Transfer-Appointment-work arrangement of Junior Superintendent -Leave -Reg:
04.05.2016Clerical post assessment - Guidelines
29.04.2016Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) - Introduction of Core Banking System for Treasury Savings Bank - Guidelines - Issued
29.04.2016SSLC 2016 SAY Examination Notification
29.04.2016Online complaint registering mechanism in SPARK - Implemented -Information 
28.04.2016ICT award for teachers -2016: Obtaining of nomination/entries for National ICT Award for school teachers -2016
28.04.2016Govt/Aided -DEd Course -Diploma in Education -2016 -2018
27.04.2016THSLC Revaluation/Scrutiny/Photocopy CIRCULAR & ONLINE LINK
27.04.2016Interdistrcit Transfer -application invited
27.04.2016Provisional seniority list of Clerks in Panchayath School
26.04.2016Staff Fixations More Clarifications from DPI dated 25.04.16
26.04.2016Online Textbook indenting for Schools who failed to upload on time
26.04.2016Training Management System : Circular & Link
25.04.2016Registering Complaints from Employees to DDO's in SPARK: Tutorial & Complaint/Grievances Link
23.04.2016Submission of application for HBA- Including Statement regarding Employment/Loan details of spouse of the applicant-Instructions issued 
23.04.2016General Education Department- Higher secondary edn- creation of teachers and lab assistant post-sanctioned 
23.04.2016Instructions to Un-aided Schools for the Payment of Text Books
21.04.2016Termination Probation - Clerks those probation not completed succesfully
21.04.2016Price List of Text Books for ALL Classes for the year 2016-17
21.04.2016Application of Chief Instructor,RILT,Trivandrum-Application invite
21.04.2016First National Essay Competition on Water Conservation for the age Group od 15 to 25 years
18.04.2016 DPI Direction to Headmasters to improve the quality of Education
18.04.2016Duty Leave Restricted to 20 days per year to Teaching and Non Teaching Staff
18.04.2016Duty Leave for BLOs in connection with Revision of Electral Roll
16.04.2016Vacation Training for Teachers- DPI Directions
16.04.2016Tamil linguistic minority High School -General Transfer of Headmasters
16.04.2016Kannada linguistic minority High School -HM/AEO -General Transfer
15.04.2016Admission to Ayyankali Memorial Model Residential School for Sports, Vellayani
15.04.2016Applications called for ICT Award for Teachers
15.04.2016NMMS Scholarship 2016 - Guidelines
15.04.2016Minority Pre-Metric 2014-15-Urgent Instruction from DPI Regarding Updation of Bank Account Details
14.04.2016SRG Training Schedule for Vacation Training
11.04.2016GAINPF(Online PF system for Aided Institutions) :Instruction for applying Online loans :Pre-request for Online Loans: PF Number Seeding
07.04.2016General Transfer of Teachers -Clarification of Tribal,Remote & Hill Areas
07.04.2016Taking over of Service and Payroll Administrative Repository of Kerala (SPARK) project by Finance department - Approved - Orders issued
07.04.2016Higher Secondary Education- Sanctioniong of new Higher Secondary Schools and additional batches-reg.
07.04.2016Drop box for School students-Instructions
05.04.2016Loans and Advances Sanctioned to State Government Employees - Recovery during April 2016 - Postponed - Orders issued
05.04.2016Ratio Promotion of Junior Superintendents - Higher Grade
05.04.2016DPC Higher 2016 -Details of CR required -Defective CRs/CRS for the period not availble
01.04.2016Teachers Package - Staff Fixation 1.Order 2.Judgment
30.03.2016Directions for conducting Audit in connection with Pensionary benefits of Employees 
30.03.2016Directions for conducting Audit in connection with Pensionary benefits of Employees 
30.03.2016SET (Dec 2015) RESULT 
30.03.2016SSLC Valuation ARABIC, URDU &SANSKRIT
30.03.2016NMMS 2016-17 CIRCULAR :
30.03.2016Retirement on Superannuation of the Gazetted officer with effect from the AN of 31.03.2016 -full additional charge
29.03.2016Extending House Building Advance by HUDCO to State Government Employees - Sanctioned - Modified Orders issued
29.03.2016DPI Instruction to update Bank Account Details of Minority Premetric 2014-15
26.03.2016Treasury Transactions - Rushing of bills and drawal of advance towards the close of the Financial year - Avoidance of - Instructions Modified
26.03.2016House Building Advance - Interest on House Building Advance for Income Tax exemption - Instructions issued
26.03.2016Application called for - Diploma in Language Education (Hindi) Course 2016-17
26.03.2016Application called for - Diploma in Language Education Course 2016-17 Arabic, Urdu
26.03.2016Scout & Guides -Rashtrapathi Pre-Test 2016 - Applications Invited
26.03.2016VISHWAS - Online Facility for Group Insurance Claims
22.03.2016Higher Secondary school examination,March 2016-appointment of teachers in exam duty -direction
22.03.2016House Building Advance - Surrender of House Building Advance - Restriction on further application - Instructions issued
22.03.2016CCRT Training 2016(April & May)
21.03.2016Implementation of Government Aided Institutions' Provident Fund (GAINPF) - Orders issued
21.03.2016Online submission of employee related non salary claims - Approved -Orders issued 
17.03.2016SSLC Valuation 2016 - Scheme Finalisation for Chiefs
17.03.2016Opening Bank Account of Cooks- Salary through Bank
17.03.2016Online Transfer -Date extension- Revised Schedule
17.03.2016Broadband(VPN) connectivity to Govt,Aided High Schools
15.03.2016Treasury Transactions - Rushing of bills and drawal of advance towards the close of the Financial year - Avoidance of - Instructions issued.
15.03.2016RIE Mysore –Development of ICT based  TLM’s in transaction of Mathematics at Secondary Level of Southern States
15.03.2016Latest Instructions to SSLC Chief Supdts
15.03.2016NFTW-Quotation Notice
14.03.2016Avoiding Compulsory collection of money from schools
14.03.2016Sanskrit Words for School Notice Board
14.03.2016School Mapping Validation Certificate -Instructions
14.03.2016National Award for Teachers 2016-Details & application form
14.03.2016General Transfer -Circular 1:Circular 2
11.03.2016Pay Revision 2014- Rectification of Anomalies-Instruction

Text Book Distribution-Reminder from DPI about Online Entry in Text Book Site

General Education Dept-alternative school education volunteers -daily wages-unified
09.03.2016Mid-Day Meal -Contingent Charges Enhanced
09.03.2016SSLC 2016 Latest Instructions to Chief Supdts
09.03.2016Mikavu 2016- Instructions

Benefit of Time Bound Higher Grade -Reckoning War/Military service as Qualifying Service-Further Clarification issued
06.03.2016Seniority list of LD Typist in General Education Department

Final Seniority list of officers in the cadre of Joint Director, Deputy Director of Education and District Educational Office in General Education Department
04.03.2016Transfer of Employees to Head Quarters

Transfer and postings of officers in the Personal Assistant to District Educational Officer on Rs 20740 -36140

Ratio Promotion on 20740 -36140 to the officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendent and equated categories

Transfer & posting of officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendents & appointment of Senior Superintendents on Rs 18740-33680 on promotion from the categories of Junior Superintendents

Transfer/promtion/Re-deployment & posting of Junior Superintendents /Noon Meal officers/store keepers and Head Clerks

Instructions to Chief Superintendents for conducting SSLC Exam & Despatch of Answer Scripts
02.03.2016Text Book Distribution- Instruction to Schools : HELPLINE NUMBERS
02.03.2016Instruction for Conducting LP Section Sanskrit Examination
02.03.2016SSLC 2016 Camp Officers& Deputy Camp Officers Meeting on March 5
02.03.2016SSLC 2016 :Labels for Answer Script Packets
02.03.2016Grace Mark Sending Printouts of Balasasthra Congress

Pay Revision 2016 - Form of undertaking by Gazetted Officers : Format of Undertaking

Drawl of Revised Pay and Allowances of State Govt Employees- AG Instructions

Declaring the Headmasters of newly upgraded RMSA schools as the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the head of account "2202-02-109-99 (NP)" - Sanctioned - Orders issued

Enhancement of remuneration to daily /contract appointment -Orders issued 
25.02.2016VIII & IX standard IT Examination Circulr

SSLC Valuation-Pareekshabhavan seeks list ofNon-approved Aided School teachers whose application has confirmed by HM

SSLC Valuation-Fresh appliactions can be submitted from Feb 27 to 29-Circular

Format of Identification Certificate and Affidavit for scribe for SSLC Examination March 2016 &Download

Student Police Cadets Project-Management Training for Implimenting Officers of new SPC Units sanctioned by Govt

Finance Department - 10th Pay Revision Order-Creation of temporary posts for Anomaly Rectification Cell -Orders issued

INSTRCTIONS for Modifying the IT Exam Software for Conducting IT Practical Exams from February 22 onwards
21.02.2016Pay Revision 2014-Modification / Erratum - Orders issued 

Pension through Banks;Revision of Pension:  Press Release :Proforma for Pensioners:Proforma for Banks

Letter to DDE's seeking the list of Non-Test Qualified HM/AEO of Govt Schools

Opening of Non-interest bearing Special Treasury Savings Bank Account in the designation of all Drawing and Disbursing Officers with respective treasuries - Sanctioned - Orders issued
18.02.2016SSLC Valuation-New Instructions
18.02.2016SSLC Grace Mark-SPORTS Instructions

Revised Annual Exam Time Table:1. HS Section : 2. HS Attached LP/UP:3. Independent LP/UP :4. Muslim School-LP/UP
16.02.2016Ratio Promotion of Junior Superintendents list

Spark-Direction to use Spark application for the pay fixation of Non-Gazetted Officers 
12.02.2016Grace Mark - SSLC - 2016-Instructions 

House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - Extension of date for encashment - HBA allotment 2015-16 from Budget Provision 2015-16-Instructions issued 
Kerala Service Rules - Enhancement of Special Casual Leave for Organ Transplantation - Orders issued 

Aided School Status for Special Schools having more than 100 students
07.02.2016Circular about the Stamp distribution to students
07.02.2016Seniority list of Junior Clerks
06.02.2016SSLC IT Practical Examination Circular 2016
05.02.2016Study on Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation - Direction
05.02.2016General Transfer 2016-17 of Govt School Teachers-Circular

SSLC Examination March 2016 - (CWSN)  List II Order No:IED/78057/15/DPI   dtd 03.02.2016

Tax Deduction at Source - Submitting Self-Declaration and Documents of Eligible Deduction to DDO - Instructions issued
04.02.2016Submission of Annual Property Statement- Instruction

Transfer/Promotion/Deployment and posting of Junior Superintendents/Noon meal officer/Store keepers and Head clerks
30.01.2016Implementation of Teacher's Package - Revised Order

General Election to Kerala Assembly 2016 - Transfer and Posting of Officers - Guidelines from Election Commission of India - Instructions
30.01.2016Cash awards to SC students - Kerala School Kalolsavam

IFMS- One office one DDO System - Including the DDO designation and full official address in the application for GPF Closure/NRA. etc - Instructions issued 

Kerala Service Rules - Maternity Leave to female officers who join a new station on transfer before expiry of the sanctioned leave - Eligibility - Orders issued 
29.01.201630th January 2016 will be Working Day -DPI Circular
29.01.2016Promotion of Aided school teachers to headmaster

Appointment of Aided school teachers - Implementation of judgment of the Hon'ble Supreme Court

State Level Social Science Talent Search Examination Circular & ID Card
27.01.2016Cluster Training For Jan 30 Postponed
27.01.2016Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Notification

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme-Extension of time limit for deduction and remittance of premium for the year 2016-Sanctioned-Orders issued 

Alternative school- educational volunteers daily wages-enhanced-orders issued
23.01.2016C E Circular SSLC -2016

Text Book Officers instruction on Remaining Stock of Class IX & X Text books

General Transfer 2015-16 of Teachers under Common Pool of Govt adopted Panchayath Schools

STANDARD X : EQUIVALENCY EXAMINATION Revaluation Result 2015 New Scheme&Old Scheme

Promotion and Transfer and Postings of Officers in the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO's/TTI's and equated categories

National Day Celebrations - Republic Day Celebrations 2016 - Adherence to the Guidelines - Reg.
20.01.2016NMMS 2014-15 .Delay in scholarship amount-Clarification

SSLC Examination March 2016 - Concessions to Children(CWSN) Proceedings of DPI & List of CWSN Candidates for Concession
20.01.2016Revision of Pay and Allowances - Orders Issued
20.01.2016Revision of Pension and related Benefits - Orders Issued
19.01.2016Incentive to Girls Scholarship DPI Direction on Last Date 
19.01.2016Directions of District Level Science Exhibitions Conducted by RMSA 
18.01.2016Instructions for Conducting USS Exams

Text Book Indent- Direction to Un-Aided Schools who haven't submitted indent on time

Kerala Service Rules-Special Casual Leave to disabled and Physically challenged employees - Modified Circular issued
16.01.2016"VIJAYAPATH" -Reality Show for students of STD 10
14.01.2016Junior Red Cross A/B Level Exams postponed to Feb 20
14.01.2016NuMATS Exam Venues & Instructions to Chief Supdts

Transfer & Posting of officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendents and appointment of Senior Superintendents on Rs 18740-33680

Free Distribution of Solar Lantern to +1,+2 students in un-electrified households GUIDELINES & APPLICATION

Final Seniority list of officers in the cadre of Senior Administrative Assistant
11.01.2016Rank list -Compassionate Ground -Interdistrcit Transfer
11.01.2016STD X - Model IT Examination

Details of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Belongs to Nadar Community-Circular
09.01.2016Higher Secondary Education- students with learning disability- Relaxation for examinations - Orders issued 
09.01.2016Submission of joining report to Kerala PSC -Instructions
09.01.2016Compassionate employment scheme- joining period extended- 

Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, 2016- Field Visit by the Officials appointed as Booth Level Officers (BLOs)- Treating the day as duty- Instructions Issued

Dies-Non on Threatened Strike by a section of Government  Employees &  Teachers on 12th January 2016- Orders issued.

Provisional Seniority list of Heads of Departmental HS/TTI/AEO and equated categories
08.01.2016Incentive to SC/ST Girls 2015-16: Circular & Instructions
08.01.2016Primary HM Promotion Order
08.01.2016Final Seniority List of PD Teachers for Promotion as HSA Core Subject

06.01.2016Census Duty During Vacation-Sanctioning Compensatory Leave

Confidential Report (CR) Called for Departmental Promotion Committee Lower,Higher 2016

State School Kalolsavam - Guidelines for Stage Managers and Team Managers
05.01.2016Clarification on Revised Wages of Noon Meal Cooks

Proposal submitted by  Ymates Technologies- establishing of an education networking website for  student- teacher community in all schools in Kerala (State Syllabus) with the help of IT@School Project- Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
04.01.2016State School Kalolsavm 2016 - Green Event
02.01.2016Text Book Indent for the Academic Year 2016-17 Circular
01.01.2016State government/aided/special school- Boarding grant,uniform allowance,request allowance- Enhanced-orders issued

Tenth Pay Revision Commission Report- Part II of the Report
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